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3 reasons why chilled dog food is good for your pooch

Just like us, dogs need a balanced diet to stay healthy and happy.

Today, the majority of dog owners opt for dry dog food or wet dog food as the prime source of nutrition for their pet. However, did you know that chilled dog food – such as Nature’s Gift’s Deli Rolls and Meatballs – can also be served as complete and nutritionally balanced meals?

In fact, every item in the Nature’s Gift Chilled Range is ready to serve straight from the fridge, and can either be offered on its own as a balanced meal, or used as a topper for dry food.

So the next time you’re visiting the supermarket, here are three reasons to choose chilled dog food for your pooch:


1. It’s complete and balanced

As with all Nature’s Gift dry dog food and wet dog food, our Deli Rolls and Meatballs offer complete and balanced nutrition for your dog. This means that, along with water, this food is all your dog needs for a healthy and full diet.

Our Deli Rolls also have a texture that’s close to real meat, which dogs naturally enjoy. And all you need to do is take a roll out of the fridge, remove it from the pack, slice and serve.


2. It’s made with real Australian ingredients

Nature’s Gift Deli Rolls and Meatballs are also packed with nutritious vegetables, as well as real Aussie meat, and can also be one of the healthiest ways to feed your dog.

All of Nature’s Gift Deli Rolls have no added artificial ingredients, include real vegetables, and are gently steamed to lock in as many nutrients as possible. Your dog will love the variety and the delicious texture, with flavours such as Lamb, Carrots and Peas (suitable for puppies), Kangaroo, Sweet Potato and Peas; Beef, Potato, Carrots and Peas, and Chicken, Brown Rice and Vegetables.

Our Meatballs range is also available in two tasty varieties: Chicken, Brown Rice and Garden Vegetables, and Beef, Potato, Carrots and Peas.


3. It makes meal time interesting

Dogs naturally enjoy variety, and with chilled dog food, you can make meal times more interesting. Add new textures and flavours to their meal by either serving chilled food as a topper on dry food, or serving it as a meal on its own.

If you’re planning on adding chilled food to your pet’s diet, be sure to read this quick guide on mixed feeding to your pet.

And the next time you’re in the supermarket, don’t forget to head to the chiller aisle!