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Naturally Good Dog Food*

Flavours and textures that dogs love, naturally

At Nature's Gift we want your dog to always be their happy, healthy selves. That's why we use natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals, with Australian Meat being the #1 ingredient.

*Natural ingredients plus added vitamins and minerals

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Cogs thrive on a varied, carefully balanced diet. It’s why we offer a great range of healthy products, from chilled deli rolls, wet recipes, dry food and treats.

This means your dog’s mealtimes will be fun and interesting with a broad range of flavours and textures.

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You can pick up Nature's Gift dog food while you do your weekly shopping.

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Natural ingredients

Made using natural ingredients plus vitamins and minerals.

Natural Ingredients
Added vitamins & minerals
Real Australian Meat
Wet, Dry, Chilled & Treats for variety
100% Complete & Balanced*
FIND OUT MORE *Excluding treats

How to introduce your dog to mixed feeding

There’s nothing quite like the happiness that comes from seeing your four-legged family member’s tail wagging excitedly at mealtime. And a varied diet, with plenty of interesting flavours and textures, is always going to get the tail going at speed!

We recommend you introduce new food over the course of a week...